Monday, 6 January 2014

All booked up 2014- reading and reviewing 52 Books in 52 Weeks

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” 
Diane Duane, author of 'So You Want to be a Wizard'

I belong to the special club that makes bookstore owners weep and true bibliophiles scorn- I own a Kindle.
 (Pic belongs to Adrian Tomine)
And I really like it. I can select from thousands of books whenever I want. I can read huge books without doing weird head tilts every second page. Books no longer cost upwards of $30 from overpriced bookstores. I can go traveling and not have to carry the three or four books I've half finished with me. I no longer have to trawl through my local council library to try and find a book I haven't previously read or one that isn't called ‘The Pirate’s Mistress’ or ‘Legacy of lust’ with a cover that features a woman trying to fuse to a man with either luscious flowing locks or a waxed chest. 

(Well gosh)

With my Kindle I can now read basically any eBook that exists thanks to the interwebs.

But despite having access to all these books on my Kindle, I hardly read at all. As a child my bedside table would be perpetually be overflowing with books. I loved losing myself, and any chances of schoolyard popularity, in a novel and wouldn't emerge until the novel and all its sequels were finished. I even tried reading with a flashlight under the covers of my bed until I discovered it was super uncomfortable and that the children who tried it in the movies obviously never read for more than three minutes at a time. (Being a child actor is not really synonymous with being a bookworm). But now, It's time to get back to what I loved most as I grew up.

So, this year, I have set myself a challenge of reading 
52 books in 52 weeks.
These are my guidelines:

  1. I will read as varied as possible a selection and step outside of my comfort zone of just reading award winning novels.
  2. I won’t read anything I’ve read before.
  3. I will read books I can’t find reviews for online.
  4. I will read books in hard copy and not just on my Kindle.
  5. I will read books in genres I haven’t before.
  6. I will read one book in French or German (my two half fluent backup languages)
  7. I will read a book by an author I dislike or in a genre I hate.
  8. I will take suggestions of books and read them.
  9. Buy books from second hand bookstores and support someone other than Amazon for a change.
  10. I will document it all by reviewing each book here after I’ve read them.

So being the first week of January, the week where New Year’s Resolutions are normally fiercely forgotten, I have begun my challenge.

What have I started with?


The Husband’s secret- by Liane Moriarty

Funny considering it sounds exactly like the type of Mills and Boon novel I have been trying to avoid. However, there is a reason I chose a book described as a ‘holiday read’. Here's the Goodreads reviews page. Recently I have found myself struggling to stick to reading one book and not drift back to sitting in front of the TV. So this is my easy start to a year of reading.

One more day to finish it, with just over half completed. Time to go read.


  1. Looks like a great choice for the 1st book! Can't wait for the review

  2. Good luck with your challenge. I discovered a few new authors that I like with last years challenge. I too tried to break away from the authors I would normally read and try something new.

    I've just finished book 1 for 2014 - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It was amazing, I'd highly recommend it. A few people in the 52 Books Facebook group are reading it and enjoying it.

    You are welcome to come join the group if you want some support/book reccomendations during your challenge. It's here:

    1. Thanks for the tip Sewing Directory- Gone Girl is definitely going on my list! I've made it through book 1, only 51 to go!

  3. Welcome to the 52 books challenge and look forward to hearing about your reads. I love your goals. I also try to read new to me authors and books outside my comfort zone.

    1. Thanks Robin- I'm trying to expand my comfort zone by asking for recommendations and searching for books not just by my favourite authors or in my favourite genres. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated! :)