Thursday 6 March 2014

Second Hand Bookstores- A Visit to Elizabeth's Bookshop

Breaking from my tradition of reviewing books on All Booked Up 2014, I thought I would do a BONUS! review of a bookstore and share some photos from my visit to the lovely Elizabeth's Bookshop on Pitt Street in Sydney, Australia.

If you have never visited before, Elizabeth's Bookshop is a quirky, second-hand bookstore full of unexpected books, hilarious recommendations and lots of surprise finds.


Wooden ladders, floor to ceiling bookshelves... bliss

Some interesting book placement


They also had a super cool 'Blind Date With a Book" section. This is a brilliant idea, and a great way to get people to read more. And they are wrapped charmingly in brown paper and tied up with string (Julie Andrews eat your heart out)
I Got one myself,

which ended up being, 'On the Ropes' by Tom Schrek, a novel I would have never heard of or bought if I didn't wander into Elizabeth's Bookshop that day. Elizabeth's Bookshop also allow you return the book if you have already read it, so win-win for everyone!

The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable- the man serving me on the day I visited was just the right ratio of hipster to booklover- and it is a great place to visit to loose yourself and find a great read.

Elizabeth's Bookshop is charming, and exactly what a bookshop should be. Carrying on with my usual rating at the end of the blog post, Elizabeth's gets
5 out of 5 stars.

 For those of you who remember- I started my blog by waxing lyrical about my Kindle. But what my challenge of reading 52 books this year has taught me, is to appreciate the printed book. I have remembered how much I love browsing through old bookshops. I still appreciate my Kindle, especially when reading huge novels like The Goldfinch or The Luminaries (do all big books have to start with 'The'?), but I am also now growing to love real books and bookshops again. Thanks to Elizabeth's Bookshop for reminding me how great bookshops can be!

Elizabeth's Bookshop has its own Facebook, Twitter and Website if you would like to find out more. Elizabeth's also has other bookshops across Australia.

If you live nowhere near Sydney Australia go visit your own local second hand bookshop, take the time to explore and support someone other than amazon.



  1. yes i agree, i visited there many times and the staff was very friendly (especially the hipster one)